welcome to word press.com……and the world of the magical, the inconsequential, the un/necessary…all depending. I’m not sure now why I opened this or whether I’ll achieve what I’m hoping to…but i’ve been buoyed by my recent revitalisation of ‘myspace’ and the relative anonimty I’ve carved in this matrix of billions of users all searching for something.

seeing as I’m still in the first world, aka. Toronto, I’m taking advantage of all this internet access, en the mission is to share my stories and get (critical) feedback….technically I should be searching for jobs right now….but then again technically I do have 2 jobs, they just not paying me enough to survive and that is the crux of where I’m at right now….I am (not) afraid, I made my choice to work within my communities on a volunteer and less than living wage honorarium….but i and everyone I’m involved with knows that it’s not sustainable. for all my (wanna be) revolutionary principles i’m alrady getting tired of this po’ living……i need my financial independence but what compromises do I have to make right now to make that happen?