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Two Kenyan activists, members of Bunge La Mwananchi (Kenya’s Parliament Of The People) were abducted by police officers in Nairobi today.

Samson Owimba Ojiayo and Godwin Kamau Wangoe were bundled into a police vehicle, registration number KAN 938 N, by police officers who did not identify themselves, or give reasons for arrest. Colleagues have been unable to locate them at Nairobi’s Central Police Station, Kamukunji Police Station, or Kilimani Police Station.

The danger is that they have been “disappeared” as a warning to other vocal civil society activists in Kenya.

Please help ensure their safety by sending two text messages, to Police Spokesperson, Eric Kiraithe, and former deputy Provincial officer Ndegwa, to convey that their abduction is known. If they have been arrested, then legal procedures of booking and charging need to be followed.

To Eric Kiraithe, cell number + 254 729 958 319

To former PPO Ndegwa, cell number + 254 722 492 138

Text / sms message:

Mr. Kiraithe / Mr. Ndegwa, intnational community holds u accountable 4 safety of civil soc activists, samson ojiayo n godwin wangoe, abducted by police 2day.


statement by ngunjiri wambugu

Last night Mr Samson Ojiayo of Bunge La Mwananchi, & Godwin Kamau, of Kikuyus for change, whilst standing outside Ambassador Hotel at around 8 pm, were picked up by 5 men in a white G Touring Car, KAN 958N.

At 10.10 pm Mr Kamau called me & asked if I could raise Kshs. 1 Million in an hour for him. He sounded agitated & when I asked him why he would need such monies at night, he told me there is a tender he needs to buy immediately. He told me to see what I could do & he would call me back. I called around to ask for advise on what to do, and was advised that if he calls again I should suggest we get the money to him this morning. He called again at 10.19, 10.29 & 10.47, & when I asked him where such money would be taken if we got it he said we get to town & he would have someone pick it, or one of us would be taken to where he is with the money.After that his fone went off. Ojiayo’s line was off through-out.

I then went & reported the issue at Ngong Police Station, & it was taken down, OB No. 79/15/9/09

Ojiayo’s fone is still off whilst kamau’s rings & gets disconnected. Their lines are 0733133180 & 0721 916142 for Kamau & Ojiayo respectively.

Ngunjiri Wambugu
Convenor-Kikuyus for change.


send text, tweet & fb messages demanding action and the disclosure of the whereabouts of those 2 (east) Afrikan activists.