there is alot happening to remind that my (chosen) family is scattered all round the world. and that’s alright. I keep checking my mail to see if there’s anything more to be said about the whereabouts of Ojiayo….when i first read the email yesterday evening, I was triggered to do something/anythign that I could….yet what could I go do, other than fb or word press it…..i shared the news yet I didn’t do the proposed actions…don’t have no money to send texts to the pigs, so I ask others in Kenya to do it, haven’t set up twitter, but hearing/seeing, as it’s the next big place for information to spread like wild fire, I urge others to do it, and then I wait…..


as I wait, I play the interviews that I have to transcribe, I’m thankful that at least I did find a part time job, and it’s actually rewarding adn fulfilling, and in line with my work and research. but the audio is low, so I just play it in the background as I type distractedly in word…, in one word, was all about, multi tasking.

so I may not have finished an interview or a proposal yet, but at least I got the AO101 workshops out of a rut, and my proposed collaborations on paper…..I look back on the couple of moons, and year, and I’m glad that I made the sacrifices I did. I really think I may have committed class suicide….and survived….we’ll see though it’s still too early to tell. can’t honestly give such a prognosis when i’m relying on middle class privilege to allow me to focus on my work in Kenya. t’s been harder to ignore that I’m blessed….and now that I’m getting my groove back, I don’t mind waiting, jus a lil longer, for all my dreams to come true.

i know my fears, I can name them…..i fear that ojiayo and kamau may be dead already…..that Po will not believe that she’s the one I thought about every day, (who I considered to have been) my primary teacher/sista/supporter in Kenya……I fear that I may prove many wrong, or right, depending…..but I fear most that I’ll let myself down…..but that’s o.k…i’ve done that already, and I also found redemption in my eyes, for I know (now) what my destiny is, and, what our peoples detsiny is, and I’m giving it all to the revolution.

afrika huru!