full moon

fullmoon08ritualritual2i know i’ve said this before,

tings falling into place,

but really,

it’s got to be more than that….

you know when you just meet the people you need to,

literally just run into them.


or they come to you,

literally, just walk up to you,

and offer exactly what you’re looking for?


that’s gotta be what this last week (has) been….


i thought it fitting too that as I started on session 12 of the womyn’s circle curriculum, the full moon dawned…

coz that’s what the section is on, lunar calendars and re/learning moon rituals…..


later today, I face the camera,

I have interviewed many others over the past few years,

and carefully avoided the camera myself,

all for one strategic reason or another,

usually, I feel that it is not my role to speak,

actually (secretly) I’m shy,

hide behind words (on paper) and

work ‘behind the scenes”…..

en there I ‘SPEAK’,

truth to power.

from every margin I find,


 It’s always our role to speak (OUT),

rise (up) and be heard,

by any means necessary.


so I’mma do that, this afternoon…


what’s fitting about all this too,

it’s my mentor/big sista (one of my role models)  and her partner who are making this film,


I’ve never been so aware of how many solid people I have around me,

I am blessed.