…if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”
i didn’t even realise till a few hours ago that today is

the anniversary of the day matthew sheppard was tied to a fence en…….

(brandon teena was murdered for hiding his vagina en I can’t even sit in a restaurant without causing a stir…..what’ll you have sah? what’ll you have sah?……i have a vagina……….another one of my favourite poems of hers…gender game)


so I’ve dedicated this day to queer and trans solidarity,

to queer en trans /black solidarity en working on our own unity,

to our rights (as necessary for afrikan liberation)


for if we don’t share OUR  stories who will?


this poem is dedicated to the as yet unnamed woman in siaya who was allegedly murdered for her lesbian identity,

for faith onyimbo who was attacked in plain sight, not all the atttackers have been jailed yet, 5 months en counting.

 this is for blessol who was beat up by her girlfriend’s brothas…TWICE.


this is for pouline who almost died for jus advocating for full human rights for queer/trans people on public television….


this is for eudy simelane,

this is for semenya,


this is for FANNY ANN EDDY.


we’ve got to steal back the TRUTH!

steal back democracy!
steal back education!
steal back people….


PIRATES of people