kenyai think it’s significantly telling that the day after I found out the fact of the anniversary of matthew sheppards fatal attack, I read an email about another gay brotha’s attack.

as with almost every injustice that I read about that’s happened in Kenya, in some ways, I feel powerless. I”m here, what can I really do? Folks here don’t pay much attention to the local politics of East Afrika, let alone the entire continent, but then again some do, and those are the ones we’re looking for.

I’m way past agonising, I know that there’s always something I/we can do, if no one’s talking about these incidents, then I/we will,

and the reality is that many people are talking en writing about them, we just need to know where to look and how to listen,

and I mean really listen…….and spread the word.

my particular positioning and politics dictate that I convey these stories,

that we keep telling them (the) truth and fight back with our own (creative) power,

instead of simultaneously eating and ignoring our own…….

but before I digress,

here’s what the “manager” of the only queer resource centre in Kenya, GALCK, had to say on a recent attack against a gay man


On Saturday evening, a very committed Other Sheep – Kenya member was viciously attacked by his neighbours, and badly wounded allegedly for being gay.

 Though there are conflicting details regarding the circumstances of the attack, this incident brings to the fore the need for all of us to take our own security seriously and not to let our guard down even for a minute.

To help our dear partner in this hour of need please get in contact with Rev. Kimindu.

Peter and his partner have also been evicted from their house, and may need support to relocate, but Rev. Kimindu, the Other Sheep Coordinator would have all the details – Get in contact with him.


there is this interesting article on “False Sense of Security” available on our Galck website, that might make an interesting read



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