I inhale your sweet essence

and it reminds me of the smell of honey suckle

after a long spring’s rain.


 I exhale

and out comes all the anger

frustration and pain.


A sudden calm engulfs me in a blanket

of warmth and security

Reminding me exactly what it is to be truly free.


Like with you

there is no me.


The sweet words of your intellect

flow from the well-springs of your mind

And cascade off your full Afrikan lips

Soft and kind,

Harmonizing the spirit and the mind.


Like waterfalls in the mountains of the moon

Bathing me in a natural mist of rejuvenating reminiscence.


Like when we were in the garden

at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjoro.


You compliment my very being,

Bringing harmony and balance to this tempest

that I call my life.


You can call it dejavu

but I call it truth.


I’ve seen you in the past and we’ve been here before

We’ve known each other for millions of years

yet we’re meeting for the very first time.


Kindred spirits in a celestial union

we are one.


And as the night concedes to the day, and

the moon to the sun,

You are the one.


by Komboa : re/vis(it)ed