this is another documentary that I only first watched after coming back to Toronto, in July. it’s on my wishlist for donations to MWA’s film library.

i’ll be putting out the entire (living) wishlist on thursday october 15th. filoms and videos that I think are necessary for us to watch for our continued growth and wellbeing.

as a (not-so) young Afrikan dyke who fell in love with hiphop as a child. I am THE  hip hop generation. born in the year that the first hip hop song sampled an excerpt of malcolm x’s speech. will the real hip hop head please stand up. answer me this question. what year was that? (you know one more thing about me then.)

I’m currently exploring this very subject in my essay for my lesbian studies course. (yes, this is where I give thanks for that north amerikan/first world privilege. I get to take classes like lesbian studies. even though they’re more like white lesbian studies studies. but the point is that the course is offered at my university. and there’s a version of a queer theory department. where a queer can actually study how to be a professional queer. and have the space to re/claim our stories.

that is why i give thx for the course. because it’s being taught by a curious, funny en intelligent lesbian. i love being able to bring my work into class. and i love that it’s a safe, positive space. and it’s mostly queer womyn, and a few trans en straight folk. those 3 hours a week in class are the most stimulating time of the week. they are also the most provoking. because i still don’t get what I’m looking for in the class.

and the professor is open about the gaps and willing to work on filling the silences…..and so this essay I’m writing for her class is my contribution to nationalism.

i’m doing a critical analysis of female masculinity in hip hop. creating this fictional safe space. where I play weird mc. tracks and highlight judith halberstam’s essays….audre’s words keep running through my queries….how do we dismantle the master en mistresses’s house?  how do we reclaim our language. relearn patterns of jood living?

what does it take to rebuild community? where is this revolushun that so many many are rhyming about?

if we apply foucauldian frameworks to paradigms of afrikan liberation; where do we re/locate ourselves?


dykes in hip hop