another excerpt from black womyn conversations. on the matter of black lesbian communities en pan-Afrikan identities. i’m sharing these stories because they are what we have, what I’ve found in my re/search. and if we were to apply some of audre’s theories on re/claiming space. then we’ve got to start from where we are, en what we have available.

we have to nurture ourselves. and give thanks for our survival. kin cuts deep. and these are chosen genealogies.

these narratives are ancient. much older than anything you can imagine, we go back farther than king leopard’s wives en the seven sistas, we are (in) the beginning. for you see, (imagine) god/dess is a dyke.

isis loved neith  AND  osiris. they gave birth to many children.

this is the re/vision of the creation story in a nutshell.

a prelude to the series on the Q WERD.