the world is still in financial crisis. contrary to what the bank of Canada, Obama, and many other apologists are saying…. this recession is not over. from the vantage point of Toronto, it’s beginning to look like the scramble for Africa is jus intensifying.

case in point this news piece on sudan-U.S relations. it looks like a capitalist heaven. jazz classes? really? a cracker telling us about what her country people are going to do to/with us, that we (should) already know? ofcourse Americans want the resources. the confict engineered and the genocides perpetrated on  Afrikans in what is referred to as Sudan in modern times, has always been about the resources and power from the people and the land.

these wars are (not so) ancient. these neo-colonial binaries, the division between the South and the North, are only a few centuries old.

it is not too late to change our direction. we are not dead yet. but the global crisis continues……….so watch this piece,

and then wash it down with a play of fire on the mountain by asa (and no body seems to be on the run…there is fire on the mountain top, and no one is running. i wake up in the morning. tell you what i see on my TV screen, i see the blood of an innocent child, en everybody’s watching….. now i’m looking out my window..lala lala.)

think about it. what more can we do? what would shabazz do?

an intricate part of the problem is these oppressive relations….