I watched these episodes for the first time, a month after i got back to Tdot.

somewhere in the seclusion of my self recovery in July…..

that discovery was magic.

and the strength I needed to acknowledge the divine possibilities inherent in burn-out en rising (like bennu) again…..


they’re now at episode 87…..on lesbian bed death. 

an issue I technically don’t have to deal with, and that I’ve never really experienced.

but that says less about the prowess of my lovers en I, than about the fact that I’ve only eva been in ONE  long term relationship.

and technically, I AM  in a committed relationship, consumated over urgent action & big dreams, before it was birthed over/seas.

I’m settling for the attainable. love, respekt and admiration. for a comrade.

that’s me, en these are ilove U  people….

the love child of hanifah walidah and olive demetrius, en many more beautiful souls.

this is episode 1 # fresh outta the box.

these are our afrikan stories.


…..love the poem the brotha shared…..

“perfecting the change of my name, as if you used to own me….and why am I pissed off? because you think you have authority, when…..you can’t convince me that you’re blackness is betta.  my brotha….my libido was/isstill more original than your ego….” 

braap! werd!!!!

U people IS  speaking truth to power.


Episode #1