consider this an illustration of a case study in differences. and ask yourself the question when do you think we’ll have something similar in East Afrika? is it necessary for us?

should we get SRS enlisted first? should we pressure the government to enable trans & intersex people to change the sex on their birth certificates? shoud we advocate for all the constitutional rights that trans & intersex Afrikans need before taking to the streets? what would our numbers be? who would come out and support?

I confess, I have many more questions than answers, and I’d love to recruit ever single person that walked in this parade to walk a similar one in solidarity with the ongoing campaign to repeal sodomy laws throughout the continent and fight that anti homosexuality bill in Uganda.

what do you think we can do to continue making the lives of queer/trans people throughout the world safer?

Tdot’s 1st Transgender March Friday June 27th 2009