but you know what they say about East Afrikan dudes?

what betta way to continue the year, than finding our (own) way to (the) truth

my favourite parts…..

…but what finds a way into (y)our bodies, must also find a way to escape, instantly!

my metabolism is like the U.S  infantry,

as soon as it smells trouble, it’s quick to squeeze,

at ease, yes! it was me who cut the cheese,

I should just eat on the toilet, the way my food runs through me…

prolly more than you needed to know,

but all for a purpose,

you see my point is that….

in my pursuit for perfection….

there is really nothing wrong with me…

I am healthy…

but all my life, people have always been bothering me…

but I mean, what can I say you know, this is jus’ the way I was made…

yes I am___________________________


jus’ say alhamdulilah!……be happy!

for every single, beautiful, amazing ting….