via Al Jazeera English – Americas – Haiti quake relief effort under way.

You can donate through several groups.

Those in the U.S can make an automatic $5 donation to the Yele Haiti Foundation by texting the word “yele” to the number 501501.

it’s powerful times….

in holding on to the imani that we’ll change with the times and take betta care of our collective crises, I repeat what I’ve read elsewhere….

Trouble does not befall individuals because of their failure to avoid them. Rather they are the milestones of one’s journey toward maturity and responsibility.

The serious troubles we face in life are nothing other than initiatory experiences.

Their aim is to help people better understand what life is and who we are.

They are a necessary ingredient in the removal of whatever stands between us and our essential self.

If tribal people reach this stage through formal rites of passage, other people may do the same differently.

It is as if there is a natural pull towards challenges and ordeals in the interest of gaining inner strength and living a responsible life.

Hardship and ordeal therefore initiate a change from within. One emerges from them with a profound sense of having undergone a radical education.

Those who over/stand this may even come to welcome adversity.