Leo, siku ya tano katika hadithi ya kwanzaa, ni ya nia (purpose):

[  i,S.I.S Note: nia yetu is Not so randomly connected to nai (na-eeee), center of legendary crossroads. These ndugus’ werd! Sound! Powah! are on repeat in our wish lists of soundtracks for the q_t werd (right after asa en nneka)

 u’r my specialty, all up in my life….

NAI..(more so nowadays known as the capital of) /


concrete jungle where dreams are made of, the lights will inspire you…


 Nia is to make our collective vocation the building of our community to restore our people to their traditional greatness.


Thursday, December 30th, 6 pm, Program, African American Arts & Culture Complex, 762 Fulton:


[Na nia pia yaweza patikana katika hadithi kama ya…Namoratunga: The First Archeoastronomical Evidence in Sub-Saharan Africa

Namoratunga, a megalithic site in northwestern Kenya, has an alignment of 19 basalt pillars that are nonrandomly oriented toward certain stars and constellations. The same stars and constellations are used by modern eastern Cushitic peoples to calculate an accurate calendar. The fact that Namoratunga dates to about 300 B.C. suggests that a prehistoric calendar based on detailed astronomical knowledge was in use in eastern Africa. ]

[Lynch, BM and LH Robbins. 1978. Namoratunga: The first archeoastronomical evidence in sub-Saharan Africa. Science 200:766–68. no. 4343 DOI: 10.1126/science.200.4343.766 …..

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