[Chapter 4 And a crone shall lead them]

Reading ancient myths and fairy tales can be very helpful because these stories came [not-so] spontaneously from people who had not studied psychology. The hadithi came straight out of their unconscious and, kwa hivyo, shows us how the unconscious works unimpeded by conscious intervention. The images are clear and stark.

For those of us who are interested in why we do what we do when we want to do the “opposite”, the hadithi are gold mines of information.

If we accept, wahenga waliyosema, that there are…“archetypes” in our unconscious, then we can read myths and fairy tales with an open

mind. If we do not accept the existence of archetypes, then we have no way of explaining the superhuman surges of energy that magnetise  us towards someone – or repel us.

The “werd” does not matter. What matters is our recognition of the power of these energy fields in our unconscious; they can dictate our destruction (if our ego is weak) or they can be our greatest gift in life. If we cannot tell the difference between human en superhuman (or subhuman) energies, we identify with gods and goddesses, devils and enchantresses, and eventually walk into self-destruction. We project images onto these energy fields.

The goddess for one generation is Mbuya Nehanda or Nyabinghi Muhumusa, for another, Michael Jackson. The goddess may be the

Virgin Mary, eclipsed by Lilith, eclipsed by Julia Roberts. The task of the media promoters is to find the right image for whatever energy field is floating up from the unconscious mass at that moment. Star pass like meteors and are gone.

Some planets however we always have with us: mama, baba na watoto…and when a womban stands her ground, exercises discipline, or lays down her terms and conditions with “real” tox, she speaks with the voice of the crone. “Real” tox is not language that is writhing in a complex….crone energy is energy that has been distilled through years of attempting to speak “straight” from our own reality.

One day we are surprised by the sound of our own voice coming straight from its ground in our own body….

In the game of chess, a player can call “checkmate” when the opponent’s king is in check, unable to release himself. The king’s defeat brings the game to an end. Partriarchal, western values are overcome. Only a crone would dare to play such a game with “the devil”, and only a crone would so easily trust her feminine instinct (cat) in such a “showdown”. Together, cat and crone defeat the dark side of the Father in the royal game of life.

[so like it was a long long time ago]

Let it be known; today the eternal feminine

In an incorruptible body is descending to earth.

In the unfading light of the new goddess,

Heaven has become one with the deeps

Vladimir Soloviev

[revised excerpts from Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness by Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickinson]