Bredrin and sistas in solidarity like u make me so happy, en inspire en nourish [we] so….asante for the lessons of  your divine selves doing  the best you can in educating en sustaining communities.

I give thanks for yesterday, today en infinite possibilities, give thanks for the continued guidance and protection of our ancestors,  our growing [chosen] families en the living legacies of warriors on the frontlines.

Dear malaika[s]

asante for your sage secrets of loving……[from] Afrakenya, black queer resistance, BQY, blackness yes! & blocko

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[wapinduzi productions, [to] the yoruba house project [en those that haven’t been named in dis open letter/yet]…gotta confess that I been falling deeper in love with you from the days we met…..

I want to sit studently at the rivers of your feet, relearning a language of integrity honesty passion scribed on our hearts tongues….. asante for teaching me so much with your dreams in rainbow colours]

I love you so so dearly and will work hard (hopefully into our old age) to be great friends and the best co-creator that I can be for and with you…. [and if like it feels] our destinies are inextricably tied, then wetin dey ‘red’ roads [to walk] for us to not only share mo resources amongst ourselves in service to our communities, but recruit more allies in rebuilding our learning villages?

Have we forgotten how to listen deeply to our voices? (How) do we need to re/vision our hubs to best harvest the wealth of all those intersections of our diversity?

I hope we’ll get to talk more about our ways forward and I honor and will welcome whatever you have to say…..