Makmende Returns (from Libya) was released in [selected] theatres in East Afrika today. These are the first exclusive and entirely fictional interviews with the (super)hero.

Makmende reveals hir ‘secret’ names in #UrbanLegend magazine and  talks about landmark strategies to resist AFRICOM, rebuild the United States of Afreeka and his Top Ten Albums in the May issue of #Afreeka Moja ….

[sneak preview]

Afreeka Moja: Thank you for agreeing to this interview at such short notice. We are privileged and honoured and greatly thrilled to share space with you,  there’s so much that we’re yearning to re/learn,  why should Afrika know more about you, where is the best place for us to start?

Makmende: if music be the food of love, then these have been summa my favourite albums in the last decade to adventure with…..

  1. Burning spear – Rare and Unreleased/Ultimate Collection – 2001

Notable tracks include the mesmerizing and previously unreleased Mandela Marcus and a jungle dub mix of Slavery Days.

[released on South African label Revolver Records na [and] Hip-O Records]

2. Asa (Asha) [2007] label: naive

    3. Nneka – No Longer At Ease [2008]
    4. George Clinton– George Clinton and his Gangsters of Love  [2008]
    5. K’naan – The Dusty Foot Philosopher [2005]
    6. Sade – Soldier of Love [ 2010]
    7. D’bi young.anitafrika – wombanifesto  [Year of the Tiger]
    8. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday [2010]
    9. P-Funk All Stars – Urban Dancefloor Guerrillas
  • 10. Stella Chiweshe – Double check – 2006 – [released by] Piranha

To the latest one by Loyiso – Full Circle [released in the Year of the Tiger]

[between the lines: Top 10 dreamscapes of a soundtrack for an epic of a doc’ bout’ Kuchus, The Q_t werd and dub theatre by colour spill productions (with pan-afrikan performing arts institute) and the people project…….fresh like werd on the ground from the weapon of the revolution ]

kama ni ukweli:  “The whole of my life seems to be condensed into this one wonderful moment. Everything that I have been, everything that I have done, was for this. Could anyone dream of more?”

(na kama ni new…..) Spoken by Yuri Gagarin just before he entered the spacecraft Vostok 1 [with Makmende] before his proto-orbital launch – April 12 1961

so really, what’s next Makmende?