Why is Nairobi mythologized as the crossroads of the heart of [moyo wa] Afrika? The answer is as simple as the riddle of the sphinx; it’s  where Makmende was (re)born.

Check dis hadithi….hadithi? Hadithi njoo! Uongo njoo! Utamu kolea! Nipe mji?

Nilienda Abuja, Addis Ababa, Benghazi, Brooklyn, Cape town, Cairo, Dar-es-salaam, Harare, Joburg, Kampala, Kigali, Kingston, Lagos, London, Misrata, Port of Spain, Rajasthan, Tdot, Tripoli na Nairobi

Hapo Wahenga walisema “The freedom and development of the Afrikan woman are indispensable to the freedom and emancipation of the Afrikan people”
(Ahmed Sekou Toure) n
a pia,the revolution is not a one time event” (Audre Lorde)   

[There’s a story I know it’s about the earth and how] when spider webs unite they can tie up a lion. [an] Amharic proverb

As long as I been in dis other ‘Britannia’ called Turtle Island, I’ve had to rely on memories en lived experiences like these of….

the spaces between where I grew up and the city that I came back to and [ran away from again], seeking replenishment, re-learning en living vicariously thru [#hadithi ya] Bredrin and sistas in solidarity speaking truth to powah!

With dis blog doing the best it can to archive the metamorphosis of Hadithi zetu in different worlds, from the shores of Afreeka to the diaspora of righteousness

Ai also been co-creating adventures to fulfill vivid dreams harboured for learning villages sustained with a courageous love…with native super/sheroes inspired by honourable legends, working on this thing called Ubuntu…..

these ndoto [dreams] always have me, you en we, as  holistic individuals  in a matrix of pan-Afreekan villages of star youth, mamas, babas en elders doing the best we can to serve our God, ourselves and others

In another place, not here…..Makmende has not only returned, he’s revised everything we [think we] know from creation stories to the truth about Santa, the easter bunny,  AFRICOM, the tooth fairy, Mayan prophecies and the United States of Afreeka

Makmende is [like] a universal archetype ‘he believes that life, true life, is something that is stored in music. True life was kept safe in the lines of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin while you went out in the world and met the obligations required of you. Certainly he knew (though did not completely understand) that hip hop wasn’t for everyone, but for everyone he hoped there was something. The records he cherished, the rare opportunities to see a live performance, those were the marks by which he gauged his ability to love.’ (Bel Canto – 5)

Kwa hivyo, if Makmende is the food of memes then Britannia Zimeisha is the mama of Afrika, so what’s next Abscondita?