Kuna hadithi najua, it’s about the earth na how…..a thousand years ago two philosophers met on a slope of Lebanon [au Mlima Kenya], and one said to the other “where goest thou?” [au unaenda wapi?]

And the other answered.”I am seeking after the fountains of youth which I know wells out among these hills. I have found writings which tell of that fountain flowering toward the sun.

“And you, what are you seeking?”

The first man answered, “I am seeking after the mystery of death.”

Then each of the two philosophers conceived that the other was lacking in their great science, and they begun to wrangle, and to accuse each other of spiritual blindness.

Now while the two philosophers were loud upon the wind, a stranger, a womban who was deemed a simpleton in hir own village, passed by, and when s/he heard the two in hot dispute, s/he stood a while and listened to their argument.

Then s/he came near to them and said, “My good (wo)men, it seems that you both really belong the same school of philosophy, and that you are speaking of the same thing, only you speak in different werds.

One of you seeks (speaks!)  the fountain of youth, and the other seeks (semas!) the mystery of death. Yet indeed they are but one, and as one they dwell in you both.”

Then the stranger turned away saying, “Farewell, sages.” And, as s/he departed he laughed a patient laughter.

The two philosophers looked at each other in silence for a moment, and then they laughed also. And one of them said, “Well now, shall we not walk and seek together?”

[Pamoja Tunafika!  Fafanua…..]