Open upendo barua to champions of Afrika en di diaspora

Dearest malaikas,

[There’s a hadithi I know, it’s about the dunia en]

We hope by the grace, glory, majesty, greatness, supremacy, infinite powah, infinite wisdom of YHWH that this letter finds you in the best of health and happiness…How are you? How are you feeling?

I’m (deeply) in love with you as the new (en ancient) moons roll through passionate nights….I need you!  Nakutaka!

Bless y/our family and all those around you…

I yearn to work, play mo, en hopefully grow old together en [once again] I promise to be the best co-creator I can be for en with you en intentionally take up the challenge to [re]build solid foundations with the [mavuno ya hii] powah! of our connecshuns…..

give thanks that we were sent into each other’s lives. Nashukuru your spreading love, hope and positivity in abundance, crossing boundaries courageously, serving God/dess, ourselves [en others]…

hadithi zetu

Give thanks for nyinyi grassroot warriors [closest to home] kama AfraKenya , Bunge la Mwananchi, Black Queer Resistance, Freedom and Roam [FarUg] anda, Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya [GALCK] , Elimu Sanifu, Fahamu, Integrity Uganda, Lost Lyrics, pan Afrikan performing arts institute [papai], Seven Sisters [Download the Adilisha newsletter PDF: 4.8MB], Sexual Minorities Uganda[SMUG], Schools Without Borders, The People Project, The Remix Project,  Transgender, Intersex and Transexual Uganda [T.I.TsUganda] en Women’s Health in Women’s Hands

How many years of working in our communities with 1 degree of separation? I’m walking/smiling through days/preparing for infinite possibilities manifesting, many blessings to our teachers who have the truth and can keep it alive through knowledge passed on…….

asante for all your zawadis, nakupenda o…..