Dancing is the movement of di oceans/ di caress of many lovers in canyons laced wit poppies in coca

leaves/dancing in union of spirits layed to rest among splinterin shells n fires of adoration in di heat of comets and volcanoes/dancin is how i love/how i share carin/how did mama say it….

A gender dance. A dance of ovaries en cervix/uncovered and swelling, menses falling like waterfalls in a golden forest. A dance of women discovering themselves in di universe. She. Her. Hers…..

Cypress was initiated into di new world not quite as herself…the true martriarch who is di woman-powerful, was to be nurtured….here there were only mothers and daughters. ”Mothers” were supreme, there was no higher honour than to be deemed “mother”, yet this had nothing to do with biological offspring….

Ni hapa that the most important step in our spiritual development is taken. Can you imagine setting out on a journey with no destination in mind? Writing a novel without a theme to give unity to di multiplicity of scenarios and actions? An educational system without a curriculum? Yet, dis is di manner in which all wo/men live without a true system of initiation. It’s the effect of taking di person as one’s identity……kama….

……she is Yemanja or Sofia, which is to say divine wisdom en powah, embracing all the universes. That is…why her eternal person, which is the secret of the world of the soul, is also its manifestation without which the creative principle of the world would remain unknown and unknowable, forever hidden….

Revised excerpts from Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo; Metu Neter Vol.1 and a Mazdean Sufi