Yemonja/Yemaya/Yemoya – the mother of fishes

when: June 25th 2011

where: 109 Vaughan Road, Tdot Ontario

We will be performing a ritual to honour Yemoja. Yemaya is personalized as a woman ebony of colour with full large breasts who nurtures the world. From myths, her early incarnation on earth was that of passive energy in di creation process. She evolved into the strong, dominant earth mother after experiencing trials of disrespect and at times violence.

According to a Pataki, Yemonja’s response to a repugnant act that occurred against her was to plunge from a hill to the earth. This act caused her stomach to burst open from which sprang the sixteen orisas and the first human man and woman. The fluids that came forth from her produced the rivers, lakes and seas.

Yemonja teaches us to persevere despite what life brings us.

Yemoja’s colors are in the range of blue and white dependent upon her avatar or path. Her number is 7.

Please feel free to bring your drum or shaker and join in.
Or just dance and enjoy the music.

Appropriate offerings are he-goat, ram, turtles, rooster, quail, pigeons, guinea hens and all hunted animals. Feel free to bring any other food you may want to share for the feast afterward.

See you there!