I heart Tdot for di arts for social change renaissance thriving all thru downtown en di G.T.A,

for simple tings like a different festival to attend each weekend, en di chance to travel di dunia [world] within a province, if one chooses to.

lakini complex issues like mr.robford as mayor, di corporatization of community gatherings like afrofest, the parade formerly known as Caribana and Pride,

vitu kama the systemic erosion of public services en di spaces between di indigenous peoples of turtle island en all US  immigrants, remind me of di constant need for kumbukaing where we came from en vigilance bout where we headin…

still I walk deeper in love wit di possibilities en manifestation of UNITY in growing ‘new’ villages

hadithi? hadithi?

whatcha goin 2 pay di devil

[for massives (re)building sustainable bridges from di diaspora of righteousness to di moyo wa Afreeka]?

hadithi njoo, uongo njoo, utamu kolea….