To  invoke a deity then, is to call a personality complex out of its latent state within de Self….we cannot benefit from de infinite potential of de inwelling intelligence if we do not identify with it as our true self, which transcends all personality qualities. We cannot call out behaviour from our personalities that are not intrinsic to dem….

We read in plate XXVII (in de Pert em Hru), “said Ausar, (dat) de scribe Ani, justified in salaam.

I came into being from de unformed matter, I came into existence as Khepere (de principle of transformation). I unfolded into plants, I am hidden in de kobe (tortoise). I am  de te (atoms, essence) of every deity. I am yesterday as de four, en de uraeus of de seven which came into existence in de East.”….

Each deity is de archetype, or perfect exemplar for a specific personality type. Heru in Khamit, en Shango (Jakuta) with de Yorubas is de archetype of mature manhood, fatherhood, male leadership en kingship. Auset in Kamit, Yemoya with de Yorubas is de archetype of mature womanhood, motherhood, female leadership, en queen-mothership. Herukhuti in Kamit, Ogun with de Yorubas is de archetype of de enterprising, pioneering, defensive, en aggressive personality type, en so on….

De process is exactly as dat encountered in de practice of Homeopathic, or Chinese medicine…we consider de entire complex of symptoms, en if needed, all of de personality traits of de patient, en search for a remedy which addresses de entire complex…..

[revised excerpts from de Metu Neter Vol.1,

The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation written by Ra Un Nefer Amen]

Hadithi? Hadithi?

Hadithi njoo, ya waganga na wahenga,

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