Hadithi, hadithi? Hadithi njoo. Paukwa, Pakawa. Sahani ya? Mchele. Giza ya? Mwizi.

Hapo zamani za kale de Great Spirit looked upon de dunia s/he had created according to hir vision, en s/he became sad. De minerals, de plants, de animals and de humans had all forgotten de law of unity by which they were to live. They were fighting with each other over de

smallest idea or action. They were being possessive of de powahs en talents they had been given. They were showing jealousy, hatred, greed.

De Great Spirit decided dat de dunia could not continue in dis way. S/he tried to send messages to all of dunia’s pikney to tell them to live in a betta way, but only some of de minerals, plants en animals would listen. De humans acted deaf. So s/he decided to send all those who didn’t listen into different realms where they could hear hir en learn their lessons.

S/he called all de spirits of de wota together en they descended upon de dunia. De rain came en rained streams all ova de dunia. De waves rose up en covered all of de land. Only de minerals en a few plants en animals survived. Still, de Great Spirit felt sad, for a dunia without humans was not a dunia that would fulfill de vision that s/he had been given.

Up in de clouds there lived a spirit woman who, at one time, had lived upon de dunia. With most of de life gone from de dunia there wasn’t anything left for her to watch or help with en she became lonely. She asked de Great Spirit to send her a spirit man. One came and, eventually, they mated en she became pregnant. De spirit man left dem as he had fulfilled his purpose. She was again alone in de skies.

De animals on dunia were lonely, too, for companionship similar to dat de humans had  given dem in earlier days when they remembered de law of unity. They saw de woman in de sky en decided to invite her to come to de dunia. But they were perplexed because they knew she would need land to walk upon, en everything was then under wota. While they sat in council on some rocks that protruded above de wotas wondering wot to do, de giant turtle came en stuck his head out of de wota.

“Friends,” Kobe said, “I have a large, strong back. Perhaps de Sky Woman would come here if I rose my back out of de wota so dat she could come en be on it.”

“Wonderful,” said Bear, chief of de council. “That would be de perfect solution. We will ask her to come en be with us en have her pikney here so dat they can grow up among us en learn young de harmony in which we should live. And perhaps they will teach this to their pikney.”

So de animals had Kobe raise his back up out of de wota en they all crawled from their various rocks onto it. They ran around en bounced en jumped en played because they were happy to have such a large space to walk upon again, en they also wanted to make sure all de movement wouldn’t hurt Kobe. They knew how much mo movement humans would make. When they were satisfied that his was a good home, they called up to Sky Woman en asked her to come down en be among dem. She accepted, happy that she would not have to be lonely anymore.

When she came down, she walked all round de kobe’s back en saw dat it was indeed a large en fine home. This took her many days to do because de turtle was a very large one. When she came back to de eastern place where she began, she said, “Kobe, you are a brave en strong animal to offer your back to me en to all of de humans that will come from me en my pikney. If you stay as a our home forever, you will not have de chance to do de tings dat kobes should, so I will help you wota animals, go en search out de land at de bottom of de ocean en bring some back to me.”

All of de wota animals dove down en tried. Some brought back a grain of earth but there wasn’t enough. Finally when they had all just bout given up, de muskrat came up with a mouthful of dirt en laid it at de Sky Woman’s feet before collapsing. After she used her medicine to revive Muskrat, she took de earth en again walked all around Kobe’s back. As she walked, she dropped de earth all around de back. When she got back to de beginning, she breathed de breath of life upon de earth en it multiplied, covering all of Kobe’s back.

“Kobe,” said Sky Woman, “you may now return to your life. But, in honor of de sacrifice dat you made en were ready to make, dis land shall be called Turtle Island, en even though you tend to be a creature of de wota you will also be thought of as de creature of dis land, dis part of de dunia.”

And dat is how Kobe became de totem of de earth clan.

[source: wahenga thru The Medicine Wheel – Earth Astrology, written by Sun Bear and Wabun]