Paukwa pakawa…inscriptions have been found in which Isis is associated with the city of Noreia; Noreia today is Neumarkt in Styria (Austria)…worship of de “Black Madonnas” probably begun during de same period. This ‘cult’ still survives in France (Our Lady Underground, or the Black

Madonna of Chartres). It remained so vivid that de Roman Catholic Church finally had to consecrate it.

The very name of the French capital might be explained by the spread of Isis. “The term ‘Parisii’ could well mean ‘Temple of Isis,’ for there was a city with dis name on the banks of de Nile, en the hieroglyph per represents the enclosure of a temple on the Oise.”

The author is referring to the fact that de first  inhabitants of the present site of Paris, who fought against Caesar, bore de name Parisii, for some reasons unknown today. De worship of Isis was evidently quite widespread in France, especially in de Parisian basin; temples of Isis, in western parlance, were everywhere….

De Sabaean god/desses were jus bout de same as Babylonian gods en all belonged to de same Kushite family of Nubian en Phoenician deities….de only triad revered was: venus-sun-moon, as in Babylon….they addressed a direct invocation to de seven planets. De 30-day fasting period already existed, as in Egypt. They prayed seven times each day, with their faces turned toward de north. These prayers to de sun at different hours somewhat resemble Muslim prayers, which take place during de same phases, but which have been reduced by de Prophet to five compulsory prayers “to relieve humanity”; de other 2 prayers are optional.

There were also sacred springs en stones, as in Muslim times: Zenzen,a sacred spring; Kaaba, a sacred stone. De pilgrimage to Mecca already existed. De Kaaba was reputed to have been constructed by Ishmael, son of Abraham en Hagar de Egyptian (a Negro womban), historical ancestor of Mohammed, according to all Arab historians.

As in Egypt, belief in a future life was already prevalent. Ancestors were deified. Thus, all de elements necessary for de blossoming of Islam were in place more than 1,000 years before de birth of Mohammed. Islam would appear as a purification of Sabaeanism by de “Messenger of God.”….kama hadithi ya hawk, de messenger.

According to indigenus [to Kobe island] myths, Hawk is akin to Mercury, de messenger of de god/desses….Wahenga (De Ancients) recognised dis magnificent bird of prey as a messenger bringing tidings to their Earth Walk, the Good Red Road, from de world of de grandfathers en grandmamas who lived before them….

Remember: Hawk has a keen eye en a bold heart, for Hawk flies close to de light of Grandfather Sun….

[remixed hadithi from The African Origin of Civilization – Myth or Reality written by Cheikh Anta Diop and Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson]