in de werds of another sista I love, respekt en admire so….

unspoken sentiments

I have such admiration for the diversity of character amongst friends [rafikis].

There are the brutally honest, with no filters for hot, sterilizing tongues-the poison suckers who carry loads too painful for the weak,

the soft spoken listeners who take forever and a day to take a stand, they care less (i guess) about being counted anywhere- they’re everywhere.

There are the mediators, the monotony shakers, the promise keepers, the silence breakers, group facilitators, and those with the patience to explain it all, just one more time…

There are the knowers who need a nudge. The worriers who just won’t budge, nose divers, cautious survivors, carefree caregivers, and self-directed newcomers …in/Compatibilities cause for the most magical web of relations.

Some in the net work, some don’t, some seem like they can’t, while some seem destined, but one thing that I have found is that all are capable of communicating, and love appears to be the strongest coach.

In my life I have learned so many preparations of “truth”

sour, salty, sugar sweet, bland, like sand, enough to save a dying man

fire hot red pepper tears

congestion clears

At this point I can honestly confide: I give thanks for every serving.

U know how many truths u’ve read,

on the tip of my tongue

across my forehead,

in my heated connection,

in my nervous stance

in my silent absence

in my raging dance

and, so much more, behind my words, they hide

let the intelligences amongst us be our guide.

[ase, ase, ase…….]

By yene konjit

[daughta of de most high]