Nekhebet en Uatchet

In de Kamitic tradishun, de science for manipulating de two magnetic forces which form de essence of all psychic powahs was subsumed in de teachings associated with de symbols of de “deities” Nekhebet, en Uatchet. These powahs were considered so important that that they were made de tutelary “deities” of Kamit.

mistress healer

Nekhebet, which corresponds to de electronegative northern pole of de magnet was de chief protectress of Upper (southern) Kamit. She is depicted as a woman wearing de White crown of Upper Egypt, en holding a lotus sceptre intertwined by a serpent, which together symbolise de electromagnetic forces (de snake) of de psychic centers (de lotuses).

Uatchet, which correspondes to de electropositive southern pole of de magnet, was the chief protectress of Lower (northern) Kamit. She is depicted as a woman wearing de Red crown of lower Kamit, en holding a papyrus sceptre intertwined by a serpent.

Their correspondences to de poles of de magnet are revealed in de ceremony for embalming de dead, where de priest/ess says to de mummy,

“The goddess Uatchet comes into you in de form of de living Auaraut (uraeus), to anoint your head with their flames. She rises up on de left side of your head, and she shines from de right side of your temples without speech; they rise up on your head during each en every hour of de day, even as they do for their father Ra, en through them de terror which you inspire in de holy spirit is increased, en because Uatchet, en Nekhbt rise up on your head where they establish themselves, even as they do upon the brow of Ra, and because they neva leave you, awe of thee is stricken into the souls which are made perfect……”


[revised excerpts from The Metu Neter Vol.1, The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation by Ra Un Nefer Amen]