Technologies of de physical world kama: herbal medicine

Certain indigenous technologies look superficially like Western scientific technology. The use of certain herbal medicines resembles Western pharmacology, wid some herbs having objective indicashuns dat are de same for most people, such as certain plants dat women take for birth control….But what is it about de ways that pharmacology is approached in de kijiji dat is connected to Spirit?…For indigenous herbal medicine incorporates de seeking of Spirit in de administering of all substances.

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According to indigenous Afrikan philosophy, you cannot jus give an aspirin or cook up an herbal recipe for de purpose of healing. There are two tings at work.

One is de knowledge of de spiritual nature of plants, en de second en more important is de knowledge of de energetic configuration en de identity en purpose of person you are treating. In an indigenous view of illness, de disease is always linked to a breakage in relationship. Some connecshun is loose, or completely absent, or has been severed….de illness is a physical manifestation of a spiritual decay.

Treating de illness, in de indigenous view, means conjuring up an energy dat will repair de spiritual state so dat de spiritual healing can be translated into de healing of de physical disease. You have to heal in de Spirit dunia before you can heal in de physical world……

Technologies of de spiritual world: Gateways

For healing to last, de healed energy in de spiritual plane must be brought across to de physical world. This is done by bringing it through a gateway between de spiritual en material worlds. What is de gateway?

among de chokwe

A gateway is a door to de Spirit dunia dat is connected to a particular place in de physical world. Healers who bring energy from de Spirit dunia through de gateways are known as gatekeepers. A gatekeeper can trace de shadow from dis world back to its origin in de spiritual dunia en act as an intermediary, as a bridge, since he or she or they understand de relationship between de different aspects of de reality of dis world.

De gateways that are maintained in certain places in nature are themselves important technologies for healing. Technologies such as this are viewed as magical en supernatural en are therefore suspect, sometimes frightening, to de Western mind.

But recall de Silicon valley poster, “Any technology, sufficiently advanced, appears magical.” Gateways to de Spirit dunia may appear magical to Westerners because there is so lil hardware involved.

Indigenous people value efficiency, en anything dat can be accomplished by manipulating energy without consuming resources is preferred…

Change en evolution

A culture that is in touch with its spiritual connecshun is a culture that is poised to evolve. In de indigenous context, change is tolerated, even welcomed, because it originates wid Spirit. If evolushun originates in a spiritual source, then it does not disrupt stability….In de development of Western technologies, we cannot allow some of us to evolve while some are left behind, because that is not community.

Community is de common handling of de journey. Attention to community en to Spirit in indigenous technology has meant, however, dat de evolution of indigenous cultures takes place quietly, without de explosive en destructive side effects of Western technology. When you ties wid Spirit are strong enough, your evolution has less visibility….The larger the presence of de Spirit, de subtler en less polluting technological evolution will be…..

It is de indigenous understanding… that ideas you receive do not come from your imagination, they come from de Spirit world, en it is de Spirits who will decide wot de next step will be, wot changes if any need to be made in de technologies that they have given to you. A person’s purpose is to serve, using that which has been put into their hands as a gift from Spirit.

Also, de Dagara recognise a close relationship between knowledge en secrecy. Beside de fact that wot one knows remains alive through de hiddenness, there is an attitude toward knowledge that to know is to become a guardian of something. To circulate de knowledge given to you by Spirit indiscriminately is harmful. Every time I travel home to Afrika I am faced with dis issue. My quest for magical knowledge will be met by a laconic response stressing my inability to safeguard de knowledge I yam seeking….

Among de Dagara, healing knowledge is usually taught by a being from de Other world, namely a kontomble, or a spirit ally. the viability of de material is verified in de context of de amount of good it does to de village.

The healer, that is de technologist, is instrumental to Spirit’s powah to heal, en to make changes in human lives. Thus one can say to a healer, “Teach me wot you know”; but de better request to make of de healer is, “Teach me about wot teaches you” since de source, en home, of indigenous techonology is nature en de world of Spirit, to that source you must go in order to learn en grow en evolve…..

reposted wid overflowing gratitude, upendo, humility na respekt from The Healing Wisdom of Africa – Finding Life Purpose Through Nature, Ritual, and Community by Malidoma Patrice Some