The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya is  registered  as a trust (“Kenya Gay and Lesbian Trust”) and was established in May 2006 following the convening of regional LGBTI activists by a local women’s rights organisation.

GALCK acts as an umbrella organisation and currently consists of five member organizations; “Minority Women in Action”, “Ishtar MSM”, “TOMIK”  “Gay Kenya” and “Transgender Education and Advocacy – TEA”.There are other four organizations mainly out of Nairobi whose membership is under consideration.

The vision of GALCK is a safe and enabling environment for LGBTI organizations and individuals in Kenya.

The mission of GALCK is to promote recognition, acceptance and defend the interests and rights of LGBTI organizations and their members including their health rights.

Being a coalition, Galck is not engaged in any programmatic activities but rather offers support to all the member groups so that they can in turn effect the positive changes that we desire as the LGBTI community in Kenya. This support ranges from Technical Assistance, providing of space as well as facilitating coordination of activities between the member groups.

 As a result then, to Join Galck, one would have to be a member of the existing groups and if you are a member of an LGBTI group that is currently not a member of GALCK, then we encourage your group to apply to join GALCK.

 Galck and the member groups have recently completed their Strategic Planning Process and the document  is available online.

 Galck also runs a”Community Centre/Drop in Centre” where LGBTI – Q people can drop by, read materials from the library, access the internet or just meet friends. To visit the Centre, call our numbers to get direction.

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