a matter for the United Nations

 a few minutes in response to Wyclef’s message at the NAACP Image Awards….brotha, much respekt to your efforts for our people.

you should(a) jus’ ask (President) Obama for resitution for Ayiti though…..if we’re get to the nitty gritty of it all…there’s the not so small matter of louisiana, en seeing as Bush & Clinton are still running a racket, you could approximate Texas into the mix……that would be some drops in the bucket 🙂

hands-on policies to solve the problems at hand….

stefanbruggermannthisisnotsupposedto a word from the blogger: i’m re/posting this because it is necessary for us to speak FOR ourselves.

because we need to TALK back, and I/we stand in solidarity with the author of the message below,

 and with queer/trans communities of Afrika(ns).

 It does not matter, or shouldn’t matter, that we identify differently.

But we do, and as a result,  for the purposes of clarity, in this rainbow soup of identities, I should (re)locate myself.

 I DO NOT identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, intersex, and I particularly do NOT  identify as GAY or HOMOSEXUAL. I have also never been, en never will be HETEROSEXUAL  or STRAIGHT.

you can call me a dyke,  if you wanna, but I don’t identify as such anymore either.

en I gotta admit, that as much as I usually have quite a thing, for them (queer women),

 En the lesbians can be  hard to resist…..it doesn’t go deeper than sex or friendship, because a lesbian/queer/dyke by another name does mean a whole lotta difference. it means the re/discovery of our TRUE TRUE names.

and in the end, I love who I love, that’s my business. I’ve got bigger issues to deal with than that.

so can you please lay off with your modern/foreign-like invasions on our existence?

we’re here. we’re queer. you should be used to it by now….


now can the true criminals please stand up?

david bahati. kibaki. raila.kiminyu.hussein ali.pattni.FAMILY LIFE NETWORK.george bush.

but I digress…..


 I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this may be the one issue me and homophobes will agree on.

These LGBTTIQQ identifications ARE  UN-AFRICAN.

ergo, those terms are used provisionally, politically and strategically throughout this blog.

en to each one, their own (term/s).

I preserve the right to re/name myself just as I acknolwedge en (try to) respect that right in others.


and, as way of re-introduction (hi! my name is molisa), 

there is a page and a category dedicated to IT….the Q werd, the Q/T  werd.and a page on everything to do with the struggle for afrikan liberation.(disclaimer: this is a living document of subjective perspectives on all things afrikan.political.queer&trans.gendered)


the message is in the stories. and those titles are just to guide you. or (mis) lead you.the choice is yours.

 and yes. you can call me queer. because I said so.

queer is the last western term I’ll claim. If I were to stray outside my cultures for other names, I’d take two-spirited. or sangoma. maybe sagana. but none of those fully describe me either. and I don’t care really for those labels anymore.

why should it matter? because christian fundamentalism and extreme right wing religious leaders are sponsoring witch hunts, and the state is sponsoring homophobia. refer to the a is for pages. and read the entire bill. en then I direct you to my (u) people links…

“that thing you do”  should be played over all radio and TV  stations in the country and throughout Afrika…this should be the video response to the pulse article, on pursuing the gay lifestyle. if we can’t sure you, then we’re definitely going to sue family life network. 

and we’ll use money we get to copy all episodes of ” I love You People”, and buy sex toys, condoms, dams, lube, books, sound recorders, cameras, computers. we will translate this materialinto indigenous languages…..en each one of us, will teach an/other one.

when we say enough and speak back, that’s powerful.

when we do something different/ly, we’ve harnessed the power of resistance,

and destabilised the entire notion of normal.

because the trouble with normal,

is that none of us are.


so we, the deviants, will pursue our lives with truth and NO FEAR.

because you see, it is US  who are the WARRIORS!)

we are the (ancient) past, present, and the FUTURE.

(it’s true…)


Address to All LGBTI in Kenya, the Kenyan Media, And To all Kenyans,

Recent events and happenings have thrust into the limelight the life and times of gays in Kenya. Beginning with the expose of Pulse
Magazine that showed photos of heavily made-up men, who they claimed were gays and were in a top secret gay party, to the story of a gay marriage involving two Kenyans men in London to another article on one of the most prominent dailies voicing the opinion of the Committee of Experts saying that gay rights cannot be included in the draft constitution they are preparing as, and they only cite one group only, the Evangelical and Pentecostal leadership have vowed to shoot it down should it feature anything remotely concerned with gay rights, gay marriages or equality. To them, as to many, and this is the sad part, homosexuality is a sin, unnatural and un-African.

The Kenyan media has not relented in its pursuit to cash in on this. A day after the story of the weeding appeared, almost all of the prime
FM stations were discussing this issue in their morning shows and having subsequent mentions in their day schedules. Social networking
sites like Face book have been invaded by homophobes who have taken it upon themselves to start polls and discussions pertaining to this matter. The responses are remarkably hostile, vile and crude. Conversely, other sites and discussions fora have seen positive
responses to this matter underlying the fact that the country and individuals are sharply divided in this matter. The following has to
be noted:

1) There seems to have been a plan (some may call it a conspiracy) to cash in on the gay issue. The first article that appeared, on Pulse Magazine (Standard Newspapers) was followed up, exactly a week later, by the marriage story that was published by the Sunday Nation
newspapers who later did a follow-up article that highlighted the concerns of the Committee of Experts regarding gay rights being
included in the draft constitution.

2) Gays have been portrayed negatively and in bad faith. All these articles have made us seem like we are not humans at all. Words like
‘secretive’, ‘unnatural’, ‘prostitution,’ ‘blackmail’, ‘sin,’ ‘un-African,’ ‘lower than pigs,’ ‘un-Biblical,’ are freely and generously cited to create the illusion that being gay is all of the above or all the above is gay.

3) There was exploitation by the media and certain individuals who profited from discussing this topic in their show (s), holding opinion
polls, and/or using any other form of public fora available. People have taken it upon themselves to use these debates to perpetuate
hatred against us, create a fearful environment and lead to misunderstanding.

4) Religious leaders have taken it upon themselves to be the moral custodians -as if they have done a good job at it in the past!- of the
society yet they themselves have their own political agenda to further by continuing to instill hate feelings towards this group of people.
They always cite the existence of homosexuality, and homosexual acts, as the source of evil plaguing Kenya; be it either floods, droughts, tribal clashes and many other misfortunes. We gays, and our sexual activity, has been the poster child for all that ails Kenyan society.

It’s against this backdrop that, 1. I strongly condemn any form of exploitation using gays, the gay movement and gay lifestyle.

2. I strongly condemn all religious leaders, and their religion that perpetuate hate against gays and any other sexual minority group(s).

3. I strongly condemn all media and media outlets that sought to cash in on this issue and ask that they uphold ethics, high ethics, for
that matter.

4. I call upon all Kenyans of good faith, open minds and understanding spirit, to be human enough to listen and care for all Kenyan gays and lesbians.


A world without homophobia and transphobia is possible.

It begins with you!


in solidarity,

a concerned brotha.

en a much tastier “big apple”

watch, new york! there’s many tings you can learn….

no homo! 😉


St. Petersburg, Fla. — The Canadian Press Published on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009 12:08PM EDT

Toronto will host the World Pride event in 2014 after winning a vote among gay delegates at the international InterPride Conference in Florida.

Toronto beat its main rival for the event, Stockholm, on Sunday to win the hosting duties.

Tracey Sandilands, executive director of Pride Toronto, told Toronto television station CP24 that Toronto captured 77 votes to Stockholm’s 61 in the first round of voting, eliminating Stockholm.

But that wasn’t enough for the two-thirds majority needed to win the right to host the political and cultural event, she said.

A second vote of yes or no gave Toronto a 78 per cent endorsement, said Ms. Sandilands.

Pride Toronto officials said that this summer’s Pride Week drew an estimated one million people to Toronto and contributed $136-million to the city’s economy.

”World Pride is going to be about five times bigger,” said Ms. Sandilands.

A delegation of 10 people went to Florida to present Toronto’s bid, including representatives from Pride Toronto, Tourism Toronto and Toronto police.

The Toronto event will be the fourth scheduled World Pride since the event’s inception in Rome in 2000.

World Pride promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues on an international level through parades, festivals, and other cultural activities.

The next one is set for just prior to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, England in 2012.

 EN NOW….the work continues. Pride Toronto  has alot of revamping to do if it means to honour that title.

This year, I came back to Tdot, specially jus’ for Pride, and I gotta say, I think there were way too many gaps.

en too much empty posturing.

dear pride committee, you’re guilty of token nominations. VICTOR MUKASA & Bill 18….nuff said.

dear Pride Toronto, unfortunately you are not doing nearly enough for WORLD  queers & trannies.

you are guilty of commodifaction & exploitation of minorities.

dear p.t, you need fresh, en more revolushunary blood.

this time, next year, you should host a world conference….

dear p.t, this time,  you should simply do much more “meaningful” community work.

dear p.t,  you’re supposed to be here because of the community, en many communities are here because of mostly other people’s work.

 dear PRIDE  committee,

we are here to HELP  each other.


seek ye first our global human rights!

start with campaigning in response to Bahati’s Bill….

do something more.


we’re watching YOU.

we ain’t holding our breath though…

ain’t agonising so much as organising,

dis revolushUn is (also) LIVE.


As Ugandan MP David Bahati spearheads a campaign around the adoption of the homophobic ‘Bahati’s bill’, Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe and Frank Mugisha call for an unwavering rejection of a piece of legislation entirely against the interests of wider Ugandan society.

With strong suspicions of Bahati’s financial backing by extreme-right Christian groups in the US, the bill seeks not only to establish draconian punishments for homosexual acts but also to actively encourage Ugandans to snoop on one another indefinitely for the supposed good of the nation.

If homophobes like Bahati were really worried about ‘protect[ing] the traditional family’, Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe and Mugisha argue, they’d concern themselves with tackling the conditions keeping so many Ugandans in poverty, rather than making scapegoats of homosexual people. The authors conclude that with an election approaching in 2011, the momentum behind the bill smacks of a none-too-subtle attempt to divert attention away from Uganda’s true issues.

Pambazuka – Bahati?s bill: A convenient distraction for Uganda’s government

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the world is still in financial crisis. contrary to what the bank of Canada, Obama, and many other apologists are saying…. this recession is not over. from the vantage point of Toronto, it’s beginning to look like the scramble for Africa is jus intensifying.

case in point this news piece on sudan-U.S relations. it looks like a capitalist heaven. jazz classes? really? a cracker telling us about what her country people are going to do to/with us, that we (should) already know? ofcourse Americans want the resources. the confict engineered and the genocides perpetrated on  Afrikans in what is referred to as Sudan in modern times, has always been about the resources and power from the people and the land.

these wars are (not so) ancient. these neo-colonial binaries, the division between the South and the North, are only a few centuries old.

it is not too late to change our direction. we are not dead yet. but the global crisis continues……….so watch this piece,

and then wash it down with a play of fire on the mountain by asa (and no body seems to be on the run…there is fire on the mountain top, and no one is running. i wake up in the morning. tell you what i see on my TV screen, i see the blood of an innocent child, en everybody’s watching….. now i’m looking out my window..lala lala.)

think about it. what more can we do? what would shabazz do?

an intricate part of the problem is these oppressive relations….


I’d give the Nobel Peace Prize to this leader before Obama.

video response to the Nobel Peace Prize nominee