To Mama Miti

There is mud under your toenails, your feet camouflaged by dust. Come, Great (Mama) Sister of ours, place them in these calabashes of water, so I can wash away all the dirt. After drying them, I shall bless them with oil.

shangwe na vigelegele kwa dada profesa

Some have gone to prepare food, especially for you. Another has gone to bring water, to quench your thirst.

You, who have struggled to improve our lives; please give us some time, so we can demonstrate our gratitude. You have given us a way to go forward, like a donation of dignity. Wangari Maathai, you lead us on the path that keeps our heads held high.

After this washing, these two calabashes shall no longer be in use. They will hang on the wall of my dwelling, or where my sistren think best. Special mementos; of she who pointed us, then walked beside us, in the direction we should go. No longer to be used for the storing of porridge, or beer mixed with honey. They will be our Sacred Souvenirs, of Our Lady of the Trees.

[ase, ase, ase….]

* © Natty Mark Samuels 2011

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we’re doing the best we can with what we got to entertain, and re-educate not only ourselves but others, in the practice of freedom.

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