in the spirit of organising (en not agonising), I present to you more material for critical thinking.

In previous posts, I have posed questions and issues of working on our unity.

I have advanced the premise, both implicitly and explicitly, that we have alot of untapped resources and unaccounted privileges as queers and trannies living in North America. That we need to divert and subvert these resources  to support activism on the continent. I have posited that some of the major gaps thus far have been ignorance & complacency. to put it simply, we’re caught up in ourselves, and the realities of survival on Turtle Island.

But that is not enough, because as much as, particularly as queer/trans people of colour, we face an intersection of oppressions. and we’re struggling to carve and maintain our own spaces here. we also have to acknowledge that things could be much worse. and many queer/trans immigrants will recount  to you stories of differences. that is why many of us are here, we have made toronto our homes, or tdot has always being our home, or it’s an exile, or it’s none of these. Whatever the case may be, we also have enduring connections with other lands, where the situation for queer/trans people is drastically different.

and the reality is that we DO have alot. we have  pride, our own papers, we have communities spread all over the country, we have same-sex marriage, and we can wax political about the (right wing) gay agenda, and the commodification of queer cultures, but at least we got visible cultures to commodify, and locations to resist from. we’ve got bathhouses, and the 519.  we’ve got ACT  and TEACH,  the Inside out festival & mpenzi black womyn’s festival. you should know what we got. we’ve got love and resistance.

For those of you who are wondering, what next, those who are getting tired of the seemingly endless theoretical debates on identity politics….i posit that the next frontier is fighting for global rights. None of us is free, as long as some, or one of us is oppressed. It can/should be as simple as that.

So as a queer & trans person, you are implicitly invested in the needs of queer & trans communities worldwide. As an Afrikan, you are implicitly invested in the liberation of all Afrikan peoples. or at least, that’s the dream.

I chose this video interview piece to continue the series that I’ve just introduced. I’ll put up the rest of the links under the u people category. there are 2 more presentations in that panel discussion by Zanele Muholi & Gareth Henry.

we are the ones we’re looking for


I don’t have a petition (yet) to present you in protest of the anti homosexuality bill, but in the spirit of building solidarity amongst queer/trans communities globally. I offer another presentation to reflect on. the volume on this video is low, and it’s only the first part of a longer panel discussion on global human rights for queers that was held before the Pride parade in June, in Toronto. But the content and message is the point of this blog.

and I offer you only more questions, what do you think the nomination of one of Afrika’s leading queer/trans activists, Victor Mukasa, symbolises for queer/trans activism in East Afrika?

 I’m still developing my critical analysis of the impact of this nomination on the community, I’m still waiting for more. and I’m in a particularly powerful place right now to assess the aftermath and some of the consequences of recognition such as this nomination in particular.

And what I’m interested is deepening that interest that a cross section of people have, and that enduring commitment to workign for queer/trans rights in Afrika. but we need more people, doing more. we need money, we need capacity building in our organisations.

we need to be able to earn a living wage while working. and we need to take care of ourselves. and pay attention to our safety. we need to address the abuse and violence not only from out/side, but most significantly, within our communities.

we need all the programs that folks are working on, with/in the gay and lesbian coalition of kenya (GALCK); ishtar MSM;  gay kenya; transgender education and advocacy;  minority women in action; sexual minorities uganda; freedom and roam uganda; transgender, intersex, transsexual; TALESA, all of these organisations and more…..I mention just the ones I know or have heard most about.

if you think there’s something you can help with, then follow up with whom/ever and whenever you wish. If you’re in Toronto, then I can meet up with you. Yes, I am shamelessy group promoting here, but who betta to do it? I may not have many answers but I’m working on finding them. and there are a few programs I’m working on that I need help with.

I’ve already posted the outline for one of those programs, A0101 workshops.

I am also building the curriculum for a womyn’s circle fo healing and self recovery (a space for afrikan womyn & trans folk to draw on the wealth of indigenous african knowledge to re/learn ways of living sustainably. where we can have a safe space to reclaim our sexuality and gender identity, and commune, reason and teach other)

and when I say I, I mean we, because there are a few of us, and we’re looking for more help.

we are also implementing a queer/trans youth arts collective next year. this will be a series of workshops that will teach media making skills to young people. because we need to take up space and tell our own stories. because we need to re/educate ourselves.

we have set up advisory committees for all 3 of these programs with a max. of 15 people on each of the organising committees. we are still recruiting more (necesssary) people.

and these are just the programs I’m responsible for. there are more activities and programs that we’re working on in MWA.. and there are different programs that all the organisations are working on.


yes, we are recruiting.

get involved.


Global Human Rights For Queers pt 1