I don’t have a petition (yet) to present you in protest of the anti homosexuality bill, but in the spirit of building solidarity amongst queer/trans communities globally. I offer another presentation to reflect on. the volume on this video is low, and it’s only the first part of a longer panel discussion on global human rights for queers that was held before the Pride parade in June, in Toronto. But the content and message is the point of this blog.

and I offer you only more questions, what do you think the nomination of one of Afrika’s leading queer/trans activists, Victor Mukasa, symbolises for queer/trans activism in East Afrika?

 I’m still developing my critical analysis of the impact of this nomination on the community, I’m still waiting for more. and I’m in a particularly powerful place right now to assess the aftermath and some of the consequences of recognition such as this nomination in particular.

And what I’m interested is deepening that interest that a cross section of people have, and that enduring commitment to workign for queer/trans rights in Afrika. but we need more people, doing more. we need money, we need capacity building in our organisations.

we need to be able to earn a living wage while working. and we need to take care of ourselves. and pay attention to our safety. we need to address the abuse and violence not only from out/side, but most significantly, within our communities.

we need all the programs that folks are working on, with/in the gay and lesbian coalition of kenya (GALCK); ishtar MSM;  gay kenya; transgender education and advocacy;  minority women in action; sexual minorities uganda; freedom and roam uganda; transgender, intersex, transsexual; TALESA, all of these organisations and more…..I mention just the ones I know or have heard most about.

if you think there’s something you can help with, then follow up with whom/ever and whenever you wish. If you’re in Toronto, then I can meet up with you. Yes, I am shamelessy group promoting here, but who betta to do it? I may not have many answers but I’m working on finding them. and there are a few programs I’m working on that I need help with.

I’ve already posted the outline for one of those programs, A0101 workshops.

I am also building the curriculum for a womyn’s circle fo healing and self recovery (a space for afrikan womyn & trans folk to draw on the wealth of indigenous african knowledge to re/learn ways of living sustainably. where we can have a safe space to reclaim our sexuality and gender identity, and commune, reason and teach other)

and when I say I, I mean we, because there are a few of us, and we’re looking for more help.

we are also implementing a queer/trans youth arts collective next year. this will be a series of workshops that will teach media making skills to young people. because we need to take up space and tell our own stories. because we need to re/educate ourselves.

we have set up advisory committees for all 3 of these programs with a max. of 15 people on each of the organising committees. we are still recruiting more (necesssary) people.

and these are just the programs I’m responsible for. there are more activities and programs that we’re working on in MWA.. and there are different programs that all the organisations are working on.


yes, we are recruiting.

get involved.


Global Human Rights For Queers pt 1

this is part of what I’m going to be talking about tomorrow at the, aforementioned, roundtable discussion……this interviews was part of the original series that I was going to release this week, but if you’ve been following the posts. there’s been drama. therefore as life is, as my pal lynn always likes repeating to me, everytrhing changes….nothing remains the same.


it doesn’t matter what I had intended. it matters what is important now. like that impending anti homosexuality bill in Uganda. have you heard the latest? I’m still waiting for more details, which speaks volumes about the gaps we face in organising, because, I for one, should know better.


my partner works in Uganda, has been dealing with repurcussions of all these acts. and yet we hardly talk anymore. we both so caught up. so busy. looking for money. looking for people to listen to the case of this person who was arrested for…..and this other one who was assualted for….and other one who dies….we are faced with the multitasking goliath of conferences, capacity building, fundraising, interviews, arguments, and ltos of fighting. you get used to secrecy.


if you;ve been paying attention, I’ve been exploring the subject of secrecy and truth telling. but enough about what was, or is, here’ something else…


another teacher.

we are the survivors.

we are the ones we’re looking for.

 in this post, I (re) introduce you to Audrey Mbugua,

one of my comrades, who’s one of the  foot soldiers & village intellectuals at the forefront of queer & trans activism in East Afrika today.


She is one of the founders of Transgender Education and Advocacy,

 the only organisation focused on working on intersex & trans issues in Kenya.

how can you help?

donate money.

donate your time.

share your resources.

find out for youself what you can do.