God/desses of de Metutu [as re/presented in de Metu Neter Vol.1  The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Cultivation, a kitabu re/written by Ra Un Nefer Amen] remixed

1.       Maat aka. Aje Chagullia, Lakshmi, Tzadki-El….

She likes aloes en anise and….walks with a papyrus sceptre. She achieves abundance. Maat’s sceptre fuses divine law with de abundance that follows from living it. Its color, green, symbolises abundance and fruitfulness, while de papyrus, which was used for writin’, symbolises de book of de law. She realises that even her enemies are integral parts of de whole; en thus works en shares with them.

Seshat raises her consciousness to de hall of de Metu Neter en realises the ultimate unity of all things. There are no irreconcilable opposites in de world. This is de source of undaunted optimism, faith, en inner joy which reveal themselves in a peaceful genuine smile en relaxed (Hetep) state of being in de midst of setbacks en de greatest of external difficulties.

Maat (de divine law) is de food en drink of Ra (de Life-force). She nourishes her Ra with de divine law, en gives endlessly of her love (shares seeking nothing in return). There is no end to her worldly fortune as her giving is answered from de depths of Nut.

Perseverance in adhering to a belief system based on the cosmological arrangement en synthesis of divine laws, such as achieved through de Tree of Life, leads to success in all undertakings, as de view of unity that is concealed in de midst of de municipalities that life presents to us, is neva lost.

A collection of wise sayings, en divine laws, however true cannot save us, if they are not arranged into an integral system of guiding us in our day to day existence. We have seen how de abstract analogies re/presented in dis blog, especially de symbols of de Tree of Life, serve to unify specifics across general categories. Unless de elements making up our belief system (whether secular, or religious) are unified in dis manner, they become enslaving agents of dogma, instead of vehicles of salvation…..
Biological Correspondences

Physiology: Like Venus, Jupiter is responsible for de conservashun, preservashun, en expansion of de life-force en spiritual powah! It is de establisher of physiological equilibrium en fruitfulness, hence, it is de “Fortuna major” (major fortune) en greater healing force of de body. Its action is centered in de liver where it is in charge of de producshun en storage of blood suga, breakdown of protein waste into urea, etc., en the creashun en regulation of sex hormones. It also exerts a major influence on de arterial circulation en arterial blood itself….

Spiritual Counsel

When you receive a Maat reading, you are being counselled to stop on your forward movement to achieve your goal, en to meditate on de abstract principles that will enable you to acquire a broad view of de subject at hand….

2.       Het-Heru aka. Oshun, Kamalatmika, Nebt-Het, Hana-El….

The arousal of de life-force (Chi, Ra, Kundalini) through joy and pleasure, especially when ecstatic, provides de motive force for de accomplishment of our minor goals, en vitalization of de will. Unfortunately, most people are ignorant of this fact, en surpress their joyfulness waiting for success and overindulge their passions en neva know why they have so much difficulty carrying out their will, concentrating etc….

Esoteric Herbalism:

Baths: yellow roses, honeysuckle, calendula flowers, maiden’s hair, parsley, vetiver, spearmint, sandalwood

Oils: rose, sandalwood, honeysuckle, cinnammon….

Spiritual Counsel

Whenever you receive an Oshun reading you are being reminded that de purpose of indulging pleasurable (or negative) sensations is for de arousal of Ra. When they are combined with your visualisations (daydreams, meditations) of occurrences in your life ( past en future), they are given powah to manifest. In de same vein, you are being warned against wasting your life-force through over-indulgence, in order to avoid weakening your constitution en de ability to achieve your will….

3.       Sebek aka. Elegba, Eshu, Matangi, Apuat, Rapha-El….

However pragmatic en necessary for de manipulashun of physical phenomena, de mastery of definishuns, names en descripshuns – de fundamental elements of our educashun – does not constitute knowledge of reality. Proceeding with awareness of dis limitation will bring us good fortune. Proceeding without awareness of this limitation; misfortune. We speak glibly of de person coming into being in de third month of

gestation; of life arising out of de chance coming together of nonliving particles, in de same breath that we give betta odds to a random assortment of 800,000 words en definishuns on index cards  being tossed in de air en falling in alphabetical order. And with pride we call ourselves scientists.

Special Correlates:

Sebek/Tehuti: To remind people that wisdom is not represented by de accumulation of information, de Kamitic men of wisdom used de dog-headed ape (Auaun), a very cunning, en imitative animal, en hence a Sebek type, to symbolise education as de

 aping (imitation) of wisdom. At best, de most it can do is to inspect de measuring hand of de scale of balance, record de verdicts, en chastise de pig.

Sebek/Maat: Maat is de means of giving order to thinking en provides de “truth premise” that has eluded western logicians from de days of de Greek philosophers.

Sebek/Het-Heru: This is de configurashun of de “Hermaphrodite.” Verbal thinking that is guided by images (description) gain coherence, unity, en a certain degree of objective reality. While we must experience something in order to describe it, we can easily delude ourselves with definitions, which essentially are “hearsay” (verbal explanations not necessarily associated with experience).

Sebek/Auset: All of de beliefs en rationalisations bout life…are based on our identifications with our persons. However lucid, they are sources of self delusion (maya) as they cannot uplift us…..

4.       Auset aka. Yemaya, Dhumavati, Yesod, Gabri-El

Underlying Principles:

+ By devoting ourselves to realising our true self, de indwelling intelligence, we come to realise that de true Self in all beings is none other

than de Supreme Being. Thus we elevate our devotion to uplifting our character, en de caring for others to de highest level of spirituality.

-The ignorance of de divinity of de inner being constituting our true self, en that of others degenerates our caring for ourselves, en others into permissiveness, thus undermining our spiritual development.

Spiritual Counsel

Whenever you receive an Auset reading, you are being reminded that every emotional experience is a mediumistic trance induction which creates or reinforces a conditioning.

From another perspective, you may be reminded that as Auset is de point through which you express your devotion to things – emotional identification! -, it reveals to you what you truly worship. Is Ausar,  de likeness of God in which you are made, what you identify with-care most for-, or is your person-de complex of conditioned thought, and emotional reactions to situations you identify with? Do you know which God/dess you worship?……

Hadithi? Hadithi?