An examination of all the texts of all periods proves that from ancient times through the earliest to the latest dynasties, en centuries later…..

Isis was the greatest goddess of Egypt en Nubia.

Isis was the great and beneficent mother.

Whose influence and love pervaded all heaven, and earth, and the TUAT.


(these are parts of her divine/body)

The sorrows of Isis


I am Isis.

I came forth from the house that my brother Set placed me in.

Behold, said to me Thoth, the great one, chief of Maat in heaven en earth,


“Come, Isis, (great) goddess, (it is) good to possess obedience;

Life (is to the) one (who is led) (by) another.


Hide yourself with your son-child,

His limbs (will) grow,

He will (w/holly) grow strong, en he shall be made to rest upon the throne of his father,

He will obtain the dignity of the prince of the two lands.


I came forth at the season of the evening,

En came forth seven scorpions before me,

Mestet and Mestetef were near me,

En Petet en Thetet,

En Maatet showed me the way.


I cried out to them loudly, loudly, my word entered into their ears,

As in (those of) a wise wo/man;

Obedience is praiseworthy,

Dis/obedience (is) as the mark  of the son of a wo/man of low estate,


“let your faces be bent down upon the way.”



The leader of the company brought me to the swamps of X.

The city of the two Sandal goddesses

At the beginning of the papyrus swamps………….


Having arrived at Teb,


I came forth to the houses of the women of the governor.

Had seen me the chief woman on the march,

She closed her doors upon me,

She was angry in her heart at those who were with me.

They decreed about it (en) they placed their poison all at one time on the tail of Tefen.


Opened to me a poor woman her door,

I entered into her house.

Cunningly Tefen entered under the leaves of the door,

Smote she the son of the noble lady,

Fire broke out in the house of the noble lady,

It not even being the season en all…..


And behold, she who had not opened to me, her heart was sad,

Not knowing if her son lived.

She went through her city with lamentation, no one answered her call.


My heart was sad about the child for her sake,

I wished to revive to (him that was) without fault.

I cried out to her, “come to me” twice.


A charm is my word having life (ankh-et)


I am a daughta known in her city, who drives away evil by her utterance.

My father taught me to know (many things).

I am the beloved daughta of his body……”


Isis laid her hands upon the child to re/vivify him.


(some of what) She said:


“…….I am Isis, the (great) goddess,

lady of words of power,

worker with words of power,

Mighty in utterance of speech.


Hearken to me, every mouth that bites…..”







Isis the goddess, the great one of words of power, head of the gods.



“Ra-mer, the egg of the goose comes forth from the sycamore (tree)

A protection( are) her words spoken in the season of evening.


I speak to you (truth to power).


I am in loneliness en in sorrow greater than (that of) the people throughout the nomes (of Nubia).

En I yam as a man, feeble, who has ceased to seek out (en look upon) women in their houses.

(TURN) Your faces downwards, make a way to the swamps,


To the hidden places in Khebet.”












The fire is extinguished, heaven is content at the utterance(s) of Isis, the (great) goddess.

The lady who came, she who had shut on me her house……

was in pain en sorrow during one night, (when) she tasted her words…..


Shall not the bread of barley drive out poison?


It shall return through all the limbs the flame of hatchet en drive out the fire from……




She stretched out her arms.


I will protect, twice,  my son Horus.

Fear not, twice, o son, my glory.

Nothing evil shall happen to you.

Seed is in you for making things which are to be.

You are the son within mesqet, proceeding from Nu(t),

You shall not die by the flame of poison.


You are Bennu the Great,

 born on the incense trees

 in the House of the Prince,

 great, in An(n)u.


You are the brother of the Abt,

the disposer of what is to be,


Nursed by the Cat within the house of Net.

Rert, en Hat en Bes, protect your limbs….


You are the son of a God, holy, proceeding from Seb (repeat twice)

The four holy goddesses protect your limbs…..


I am Isis, who conceived her male child, en was heavy with Horus.

A goddess, I bore Horus, son of Osiris, within a nest of papyrus plants.


I rejoiced over it greatly, twice,

Because I saw (in him) one who would answer for his father.

I hid him, I concealed him, having fear of his being bitten.


I went to the city Am, the people saluted according to custom.

Si pent the time in seeking food to make for the boy to eat.

I returned to embrace Horus,

The beautiful one of gold, the boy, the child,

He was nothing.

He had bedewed the ground with wota of his eye, en with foam on his lips,

his body was motionless,

His heart still, no muscle in his body moved.


I cried out……..


Dwellers around the swamp came round me at once,

(all) the fenmen from their houses,

They came, they wept, even they, at the greatness of my misery.


There was none who opened his mouth there, every one of them grieved greatly.

No one there knew how to bring the boy back to life again.


Then a woman, who was well known in her city,

a lady at the head of her district.

She came to me to restore (his) life…


Twice. Horus was restored to life.

Twice, the son of the mother of the god was safe from the evil of his brother……


Horus was smitten by the wickedness of his brother…

A scorpion stung him..


When Isis opened the wound of the divine heir, she found it possessing poison.

She embraced him wildly en leaped about with him,



 “O Ra, your son Horus is stung.

Horus, heir of heir, lord of Shu.

Horus, the child of the papyrus swamps in X.


The beautiful child of gold is stung.

He is nothing.


Stung is Horus, son of Un-nefer.


Then came Nepthys weeping, she cried, going about the swamp,


En Serqet (who said)….

Something really cryptic en mouthy like:


“what, twice, what then is to the child Horus, Isis? Pray to heaven to stop the sailors of Ra…”


En Isis cried out to heaven,

Her prayer was to the (captain of) the Boat of Millions of Years.


The boat stopped…..


(these are some of the miracles en mysteries of Isis)


I is for  (blogging) my individual journey to reclaiming the principles of maat en ubuntu.

For sharing what I know, en what I’ve learnt from others.

It’s not much,

There’s many gaps,

but I(sis) is in the process of transforming silence into words (of power)

I (en ai) en many other people believe it is necessary to

Know I-self



So I is for

the (true true) knowledge of


afrikan cultures…..







th_waterspiritmaskijoth_hornedmaskbobobwath_lakisiinitiationmaskmbundupeopleconth_nomkululwanaskyprincessbukusu mother





Hadithi? Hadithi?


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