a is for....

village baby
village baby



maat en moon stories.


[this is a living document.these words are not my own.

do with them as you will. criticise them.

forget them. share them with others.


follow your own fire/path.

but don’t say you’d have lived your life differently,

 if only you’d heard this story…now you know!]


king of....

king of....

in the beginning….

the ancients used to say,

that life was symbolised in,

 the form of a scarab.


in the union of isis and osiris,

in maat.


the principles of ubuntu.


this is an afrikan daughta’s search for her (true) story,

what's she...? why can't she.....?

what's she...? why can't she.....?

of the origins of molisa.


born close to the source (of the Nile),

raised along it’s banks…


and in evolving cities,

that are rushing into forgetfulness…


m is also for menhit….

the 6th hour of the 6th day of the moon.


m is for martiarchy.

(en) mama afrika.


this HADITHI is about the moon and hir worshippers.



deceased led by Isis

deceased led by Isis






call: hadithi hadithi?



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