Nothing stays the same, Nothing is forever
Only the sky and stars, man is not that clever.

Mother Earth may we walk softly upon you
And honor the sacred Red dirt here too.

The water blue with emotions so true
May the stream and river continue to flow.

The sacred fire with the eternal flame
May your embers burn forever untamed,
The wind carries a gentle whisper of ancestors before
Behold our prayers to the spotted Eagle who soars.

The grandfathers whom have been here the longest,
They teach in many ways how to be the strongest.

The trees sing a song-you only have to listen
The plants will heal and with the morning dew glisten.

The animals whom we walk in the forest with
May we save your life and not put you on a list.

Man is given choices, including his own path
Life is what you make of it, peace or wrath.

We ask for forgiveness for the foolish things we do
And give thanks for the many blessings too.

Wankan Tanka, O Great Creator
We Love You!

Written by Teresa winter wolf

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